Nationwide or Co-op?????

Worked out i could use the Nationwide or Co-op for a “safe” bank account.

Went into Nationwide the same day and they had a lovely lady on the help desk. I asked if i could open a current account, just the basic one. She said “why the basic one?” in not a quiet voice in the middle of the bank! i then joked because i have bad credit!!! she then tottered offf and came back with an envelope saying you cant apply in store for that account you have to do it by post… i left with my envelope feeling like a naughty schoolboy with a bad school report in his hand. Filled it all in though and sent it off.. same day i called the co-op and a great chap answered straight away. he asked the usual questions and if i had an iva to which i said not yet. but maybe soon.. we went through it all during the call and an instant decision that YES i can have an account no overdraft or cheque book (which is a good thing, no?) and a debit card so can use in shops etc.. details and card and pin in the post as we speak.

So now i have a dilemma?? the Co-op is the obvious choice due to very good customer service and a debit card. trouble is there is no branch within twenty miles of where i live or work. Nationwide, however, have two branches within walking distance of my home which if i am lucky enough to be handed cash for birthdays or ebay sales etc makes life easier to deposit. But dont think the card is a debit so cant buy petrol if i have no cash on me and suchlike….

will wait and see if the nationwide approve my postal application before deciding.might be an idea to open both and sort out some kind of online banking tranfer standing order.

My heart says go to the co-op but practically the nationwide is better as i do like to pop in and pay cash in or if im lucky my dad god bless him has now and again popped into my bank and paid in cash when i was desperate.

I know the post office accept paymets but its not quite the same in my mind queuing for ages and not really knowing if the cash is in the right account and not being able to speak face to face with an adviser 🙂

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0830 Tuesday morning

Missed call and message on Tuesday.. Payplan asking if i had received paperwork and to call ****** back quoting reference number etc…

Called back and spent time chatting to my newly appointed case officer.. went through stuff i had to find.. mortgage redemption certificates,council tax bill, wage slips, car v5 document…the list goes on but isn’t hard if you are a hoarder like me. advised to get a “safe” bank account which is very daunting at first due to all the direct debits and stuff which goes out but seems very good advice as soon as your Ip sends out letters to the companies saying you are going for an iva they could freeeze your bank account if it is linked to the credit card or overdrawn..

we went through the list of accountswhich were safe and another call was booked in to go through the options available to me (its something they have to do by law before you can proceed….

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Lets get this ball rollin’

Got my second call Monday evening right on time. Another exttremely helpful and polite lady who went over all i had said in my first call but in greater detail.. i listed all the credit card details card numbers, amount owing. we then went through my outgoings in great detail even including cots of food for the goldfish and haircuts (for me not the fish). All the paperwork was explained and would be put in the post for me…

Another day ending on a happy note…

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Names have been changed to protect the innocent

Made the call to payplan Saturday night and best thing i think i have ever done.. Seemed a weight lifted just with one call..

Spoke to a wonderfully helpful lady who took detailsof all my credit card debts (7 in total) and one loan and also my overdraft. Few more formalities and then said she would call back in ten minutes which she did…

We then went through the various options open to me and thought an IVA would perhaps be best… Up until then i thought iva’s were a very last resort and only for those silly enough to have no other way out and i would never ever be one of those…soon realised that it is not as bad as first thought and its the unsolicited emails adverts debt free newspaper ads etc that i think give iva’s a bad name.

Anyway an appointment was made for telephone call number 2 on Monday evening which would last an hour. I got two text confirmations and an email great service so far…..

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Day 1 in the big brother house……

Well. I won’t go into detail as to how i came to be writing this. I’m very sure that there are others out there in, or have been ,the same boat in the very rough seas we call debt….. 

No idea why i decided to finally face the truth and come out of the sand and do something about the mess i’m in, but it happened on saturday 18th September 2010, a day i hope will be one i wont forget for good reasons.

It might have been the numerous letters form Triton or similar debt collection agencies stating that if i dont pay in full NOW i wil go to court, have my first born child taken from me and be  shot at dawn….

I picked up a leaflet which came with the letter and looked at the help which was out there. Don’t know why i chose payplan maybe because it said FREE debt help…

And that is the start of hopefully the end..more to follow

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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